words of wisdom to inspire you

Some inspirational short words of wisdom to help inspire you to be your best version of you, each and every day.

Today are you reflecting with compassion?

When we use reflection, we can sometimes look to the past with regret and judgement, which can feel somewhat negative and self-critical. If you sometimes find yourself reflecting in this way, you are in good company, as we've all been there.

What if you completely turned that reflection on its hea...

"Mindful leaders elevate people to be the best they can be"

Leading mindfully reminds us that we have an important role to elevate others. When we focus on elevating others we support them to become the best they can be. When people are supported to be their best, they work at their best and produce the greatest results. All this has a direct impact on busin...

"Courage is the new currency of the disruptive world"

For many of us, the last 5 years have probably felt the most disruption for our time.

Yet, if you consider the disruption of wars and occupations that have raged for far longer times, through generations. It would make the last for 5 years for most of us look like child's play.

If you could ask...