"Courage is the new currency of the disruptive world"

by Jeanette Peterson

"Courage is the new currency of the disruptive world"

For many of us, the last 5 years have probably felt the most disruption for our time.

Yet, if you consider the disruption of wars and occupations that have raged for far longer times, through generations. It would make the last for 5 years for most of us look like child's play.

If you could ask the people currently impacted by war, occupation and oppression, what advice might they give you?

Has your courage grown over the last 5 years? Or do you still feel the same?

Courage is the new currency of the disruption world upon us.

As you reflect on the year that has been, consider the year ahead of you. How well could you survive if in the country you are living in, a war, occupation or oppression took hold?

How strong is your courage and your internal stability giving you the ability to manoeuvre through anything this next year brings you?

For most, we don’t know what is coming, yet a strong sense of inner stability can hold ground anywhere.

Are you building your inner stability or are you on shaky foundations?

You can begin today to solidify your foundations from within. Take some time to reflect on the last year and set an intention for how you wish to show up next year.

This is how we all begin!