These two simple lessons could change your life

by Jeanette Peterson

These two simple lessons could change your life

Life for all of us can sometimes be hard, and for many more than we probably realise, life can feel impossibly difficult every single day.

This is the reality of the world we live in, whether you are in the incredibly fortunate less than 10% of the world’s population, that is not absorbed in some kind of daily suffering. Or the vast majority struggling to survive in a world, that can span from difficulty to make ends meet, to absolute poverty, despair, and suffering that seems to have no end.

At the core of all of this difficulty and suffering we are all the same beautiful people, simply trying to make sense of the world. Trying to find our place and some meaning in our lives, whilst helping those we love to do the same.

No matter what your position is in the world of suffering, we are all able to not only understand these two valuable lessons but to also fill our lives with love and meaning, regardless of the place we find ourselves. For some it might be hard to believe this could be true, but there are many examples that show it is absolutely possible.

There are, strangely enough, lots of places where you can see this capacity for love and meaning in the world. In some of the poorest places with the most trying circumstances, the simplicity of acceptance and a desire for purpose plays out so naturally, yet not on display for many of us to see, either in the western world directly or from other places beyond our shores.

One that stands out for me today is the love, compassion and strength of Palestinians, to endure more than four generations of oppression and suffering, beyond anything most in the West could even begin to imagine possible.

How do these people have such strength to endure, yet remain loving, joyful and compassionate?

An unwavering sense of morality, a sense of selflessness and a connection to something bigger than the self, appears to be the clearly repeated answer. This understanding cannot be found outside of us. It is discovered only within, in the quiet moments whether you meditate or pray. It’s a connection that brings you peace within, even if the entire world around you, feels as though it has gone mad.

Yet, to find it within, by realising it, in whatever way works for you, these two very important lessons will send you on a trajectory to help you get there, a whole lot faster.

Lesson №1 — Acceptance of your past

When you learn to accept the cards you were dealt as a child, and not to become the victim or the master of hate as a result of this understanding, things become much clearer.

I know from personal experience that this can feel impossible, especially if your childhood felt like it was an endless road of suffering. It is one hundred percent possible, when you discover that your potential to overcome literally anything in life, is completely within your reach.

Acceptance helps us to understand that as a child, our circumstances were no fault of our own. Those circumstances do not define our worth, who we are today, or what our potential in life is. They are simply the beginning of a story that is yet to be fully written.

The willful action of acceptance of our childhood beginning, is a beautiful form of surrender. When we can learn to surrender to allow ourselves to let go of our past, we are able to let go of that which binds us to be held there, trapped in our past suffering which we had absolutely no control over, at the time it occured.

The power of learning this lesson is so huge, yet so simple you might be tricked into thinking it is too good to be true. Yet it is absolute truth.

People who continue through adulthood trapped in childhood trauma are known to be easier to manipulate, control and distract. In the modern-day world of making money at any cost, manipulation, control and distraction are essential mechanisms to keep us all locked into buying endless stuff, and seeking constant external gratification, leaving us feeling stuck.

All these things are designed to hamper us from discovering the inward journey, to do the work, that will bring us all ultimate freedom from our trauma. Beyond your childhood trauma exists infinite potential locked away, hidden from view, out of sight and out of mind.

Do you feel stuck, manipulated, controlled and distracted?

You have the key to unlock your potential hidden within you, yet the only way out of everything is in. Inward, within you lies all the answers to everything you will ever need to know.

First, you need to accept your past, step into where you are now, and understand that you completely know the way forward if you trust yourself.

This will lead you to learn lesson number two.

Lesson №2 — The limitless power to re-write your story

To know you have unlimited resources within you, to rewrite your story, resolve your past, take charge as an adult and write the future you desire, is in reach of us all within.

I will happily go as far as to say, that the inward journey is the only way you will find true meaning in your life.

No one can give this to you! Not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor or coach. They may help you to begin the journey to uncover the door, so to speak, to look within. Yet, you are the orchestrator of your life, so some important work will need to be undertaken alone.

Why? Because only you have what it takes to release the unlimited potential held within you to create meaning in your life. No one else can do this for you.

If you keep seeking this from others, lesson two will constantly evade you throughout life. You must learn to be fearless and be prepared to face your inner demons alone, if you truly want unlimited meaning and joy in your life. This inner strength exists within us all, and can be rekindled once you let go of your childhood trauma that is holding your potential at bay.

Meaning and joy from others is short-lived. We intuitively know this because we constantly seek it again and again, each time we need a pick-up. Yet inner meaning and joy are endless when we discover the true essence of it from within. Then we no longer need the validation of others to feel loved, because when we turn on the love tap from within, we embody love itself. We ever so beautifully become love, instead of chasing it!

Is it time to ask yourself some important questions?

Have you given this power to others?

Are you satisfied with your life?

Do you feel like your life is purposeful and as meaningful as it should be?

Or, do you in this crazy current world, sometimes feel lost and hopeless, as though you are living life on a hamster wheel, in endless cycles that are neither joyful nor rewarding?

When you begin the practice of quieting the noise outside and looking inward, you will discover a world where you have the power to make decisions now as an adult, that no longer leave you feeling trapped in your childhood trauma.

Whether you journey inward to a place you share with your god, whoever they may be, or simply that inner knowing that has been smothered with constant thinking and overstimulation, from the excessive blasts of information constantly thrown at you from all sides.

This is a journey to true freedom that can be achieved only by you, with focus, commitment, desire, compassion, courage and determination.

You can take small steps or leaps and bounds. It’s your journey, in your time, by your rules. You have the user guide and you set the pace. The only decision to make today is to begin.

Remember, The journey is to be enjoyed!

Take it from someone who has spent her whole life on this journey, you won’t ever regret taking the inward road. You will, however, regret it if you come to the end of your life without trying.

Beauty, love, joy and a limitless future await you, so what are you waiting for?