Everything is inside out upside down and back to front

by Jeanette Peterson

Everything is inside out upside down and back to front

The truth about freedom is that we are already and have always been free, so why are we fighting for it?

Where focus goes, energy flows. This simply means that what you focus on is what you feed.

So while the world focuses on hate, it feeds hate. Yet what are the Palestinian people focused on? Their love for Allah. Their oppressor, wants us to hate them so they can feed off our hate energy.

Yet, I am choosing what the Palestinians are focused on, and that is love. When we do this on mass, we feed the love energy of the world instead of hate.

This is incredibly powerful because when we begin to do this we realise the world is inside out, upside down and back to front.

We are all completely and divinely free within ourselves because that is how we were all born. We have been tricked by intellect and technology to believe we are not free. So in effect, we keep on fighting for freedom because we are taught to do this by those who love us the most, without knowing that this social and cultural conditioning of continually seeking freedom externally is exactly that, conditioning.

To make matters worse, it comes from those people who love us and are most influential in our lives, we simply don’t question it. When we stay in these endless loops of seeking freedom from others, we keep our energetic vibration low and in turn the energetic vibration of the world low too.

How might this have happened right under your nose, you might be thinking?

Through subtle and repetitive guidance, that shows up literally everywhere you go as a child. Home, school, friends, social and sporting groups all participate in the process of conditioning you as a child. I am in no way being negative here when I say conditioning either, because we have done it for so many generations that we don’t even realise what we are doing anymore. Our grandparents taught our parents, who taught us and we teach our children who will teach their children the exact same thing. Unless we break the cycle of colonial oppression this process will continue without change.

This has not happened by chance. We have simply been successfully duped out of our innate freedom and tricked into thinking we are free under prescribed conditions. This is how the world has become an artificially created reality, that is upside down, inside out and back to front. We have seemingly and unknowingly by our own doing, become absolute slaves to a system that controls us completely.

Yet we still think we are experiencing freedom!

There are many ways we have given our freedom away unknowingly. One example is; the chasing the illusive dream to buy ‘your own’ home when in fact the vast majority of people never actually own it, the bank does. Then we slave away in jobs that bring many of us no joy at all, in an attempt to pay it off. We buy and sell houses over the years, pay rates, stamp duty, taxes and buying & selling fees, along with mortgage insurance, home and contents insurance, repairs, maintenance and more compound interest than you would likely like to count. Yet we keep thinking when we sell a house, we make a profit, yet we pay all the fees often absorbed in re-mortgaging and simply buy another one and the endless costs begin all over again.

Do you really think that endless cycles of debt is freedom?

Sounds more like a burden that would appear to be making lots of people who own the banks, insurance companies, real estate agents and giant mega-corporations, in turn, owned by mega investment funds rich every step of the way, whilst you struggle to pay your mortgage for your entire life.

It doesn’t work this way in every country. In fact, it might surprise you that some countries in the world guarantee housing for everyone without exorbitant lifelong debt. In the Western world, it would seem impossible to imagine such a thing, yet it is a reality.

We are literally so unfree that we congratulate each other when we sign up for a lifetime of debt slavery, without hesitation.

Tell me again how freedom comes from outside of you!

Freedom externally of you is simply slavery masquerading in an incredible woven story filled with lies and elaborate levels of deceit, so much so, that now you have trapped yourself, no longer needing the motivation from external places of influence to keep the bars to your prison cell in place. You have literally enslaved yourself by choice.

You have to give it to the rich elite one percent of the world who control 99% of the money, it has been a cleverly articulated trap built over many years.

But I am here to tell you that the game is up!

Many people have uncovered not only the financial trap of smoke and mirrors freedom, but numerous other freedom traps that exist in the modern world we live in today.

These people, in stark contrast, have realised that they were always free, and have stopped looking outside for freedom, re-connecting to the energetic vibration of love, building it deep within themselves. This, in turn, becomes highly contagious and incredibly powerful, increasing love into the world 10,000 fold.

If we do this on masse there will be no war, no hate and no fear because what we individually and collectively focus on we all feed.

Are you feeding love or hate?

Did you forget you were free?

The trappings of society, along with all its manipulations, distractions and marketing have tricked us all into thinking freedom exists outside of us when we have had it within us all along.

Freedom It’s an inside job! Everything is an inside job!

It’s time to stop, take a deep breath and trust your inner voice, which has been trying desperately to guide you lovingly forward.

If you want to manifest the freedom you have within you, simply act as though you are completely free, then watch as it manifests into your external reality right before your very eyes!

Remember what you focus on you feed.

What have you got to lose?

What do you have to gain?

What you do next is up to you!

Freedom! She is calling you like a whisper in your ear at night. Quiet the noise around in moments of meditation or prayer and you too will hear her calling you.

You are free! Today see the world from the inside out, instead of the outside in pressures telling you what to do.

Be what you seek, then what you seek will be.

It is really that simple!