The crumbling world of wolves in sheep's clothing

by Jeanette Peterson

The crumbling world of wolves in sheep's clothing

Logic, in life, will only get you so far. Yet intuition will take you further than you could imagine in your wildest dreams.

I am one of the free people in this modern colonialist slave apartheid we call Earth. I roam free amongst the wolves without the fear they would like to instil in my heart. I simply cannot be bought, I cannot hate, I see the wolves amongst us, and yet I have chosen a freedom that no one has given me and no one can take from me. I have chosen love from within me, an infinite force of nature that I invited in to set me free from the world of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

I am not any of the labels many people like to throw at my words, out of fear, hatred and judgement. I walk amongst you, looking no different, intelligent, kind, capable, connected, and humble in demeanour. You will only see my differences, once you can truly see yourself.

A far cry from my beginning as a child born in the colonialist’s head office, so to speak. Relocating as a settler, oops, immigrant, into a slave prison colony, oops, commonwealth country, where the original indigenous people were living in harmony with nature. The colonialist wolves pretended no one was here and have spent the last nearly 250 years trying to wipe these beautiful original indigenous people off the planet.

Sound familiar? It should because it has happened and continues to happen all across the world, through a war mongering, aggressive and violent colonialist apartheid, spread from the British Empire, into America, supported and funded by the very slave colonies they built, called settlements.

Have you heard that word lately? settlements that is?

Fast forward to today, and the British Empire, oops, Israel are building settlements on the stolen land of Palestine. In fact they have been doing it for the last 75 years. I know, hard to believe right, considering the propaganda that would lead you to believe that the genocide, oops, war, America, oops, Israel, would like to have you think started on October 7th 2024. Can you start to see where the confusion might be kicking in?

It would seem history repeats until we learn. Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand are all British Empire settlements, on lands where indigenous people were ignored and to this very day are still facing attempts of eradication.

The wolves built the facade of the finite world of colonialism that masquerades as a seemingly delicious cake of democracy, iced with glazed equal rights, freedom and security. Wolves for hundreds of years have brainwashed and recruited people unknowingly to do their dirty work.

Fast forward to today, there are so many layers and angles of lies smothered across seemingly everything, it can feel overwhelming, but only if you try to apply thinking and logical thinking at that.

Here, logic will fail you terribly. Why? because there is nothing logical about the deliberate and deceptive manipulation of tricking people into believing that as slaves they are free, but that is exactly what has happened, and continues to this very day.

There is a genocide waging across the world by the wolf colonists, right under our noses! Can you see it? Are the people of the world trying to free Palestine, or are the beautiful people of Palestine trying to free us all, through their lived experience?

Some introduction, right? As painful or triggering as those paragraphs may feel reading, it is absolute loving truth, raw and exposed from my heart to yours.

The only way to escape the finite world of wolf colonisation is to learn to engage your intuition so successfully, that the wolves in sheep’s clothing freely enslaving the world, become so utterly clear to you that they literally have no place to hide. Exposed for what they are, and now skulking around in the dark, illuminated by your loving light, that burns ever so bright.

Colonisation relies on you believing you are free when you are in reality a slave to money, their system and everything that a small percentage of the population controls. One percent of the population controls ninety- nine percent of the world’s money. That isn’t fiction, it is the grim reality of the prison, oops, life, we got tricked into. If you are chasing money, the wolves of colonisation have you right where they want you.

For those who have tapped into their natural intuition, the picture is crystal clear. We see the wolves, and we know that the wolves know they have been exposed. Wolves only have control if you believe the world is finite. The intuitive people who shine the light of love into the dark without fear, also know that the world is infinite and the wolves fear their wisdom. The wolves are running scared trying to hide this wisdom behind propaganda, controlling social media, news and TV. It’s not working and the facade of the wolf in sheep’s clothing is crumbling.

In the world today there are far too many of us for the wolves to control. The veil of deception between the infinite world and the finite lie proliferated by the wolves of colonialism, is being lit up everywhere for the world to see. Because this is happening so too is the amplification of the lies to cover it up and distract you from seeing the truth.

Colonialist Wolves created FOMO by creating scarcity to keep you in endless buying loops and debt cycles, wanting everything everyone else seems to have. The wolves created social media to trap us all in endless loops of fake lives, pitting us all against each other, divided and conquered. Separating us from the pack that can protect us, makes us an easy victim of the wolf.

Intuition sees through it all! It is that tiny voice lovingly whispering to you from within. However, there is so much fear-based noise propagated by the colonialist wolves that you can’t hear it.

Love is within you, like your long-forgotten inner child, cheering you on. Willing for you to see the truth that lies right before you in endless patterns of repeated war, manipulation, colonisation and control.

Once you see the wolves for what they are, the love of your inner child will amplify your inner voice, and over time that voice will become so clear that it will no longer be a whisper, but instead, it will feel like the most beautiful sound you have ever heard. That my beautiful friend is the sound of freedom.

You see, to break free of the wolves of colonialism and the prisons, oops, societies, they have contained us in all around the world. First, you must break free of your own prison the wolves tricked you into creating for yourself. The prison of solitary confinement, that is trapping your love within, too bound by fear to set it free.

There are only two emotions experienced by humans, love and fear. The wolves of colonialism have intentionally tried to trap us all in fear. Very successfully for hundreds, if not thousands of years, I might add.

It has been a successful campaign by colonialist wolves, but the game is up and they know it.

They are scrambling to keep us all trapped in fear, but it’s no longer working because every day more and more people see through the lies. Their attempts of opressive apartheid have had the opposite effect that they intended, awakening us all from within. Diamonds are created under pressure!

Let me tell you, you might not see it on the news, TV or social media, but we are hundreds of millions of people who are a formidable force of love. Once you open your heart, you will feel us and see us everywhere.

Fear is the basis of war, an attempt to keep us trapped in fear. We are seeing more and more wars deliberately being escalated by the colonial fear-mongering wolves, because it isn’t working like it used to. They know and they are running scared.

There are 8 billion of us and only 1 percent of them are wolves. Now, even the wolves are fighting amongst themselves. desperate to conceal the truth with endless lies. So much so that they have now begun to believe their own lies.

To finally escape the shackles of colonialism and the wolf prison, all we have to do is open our hearts to receive the love, that so many who have freed themselves from the colonialist wolf facade, are pouring out into the world.

We’ve got your back! It is safe to join us. It is safe to love. There is nothing to fear! Together, all races, all faiths, of all people will be free, from every river to every sea, we can all be free.

Free of fear, free of hate, free of slavery, oppression, brainwashing, manipulation and control.

All you need to do is say YES to your heart and you are already on your way.

Come and find us, your intuition will guide you to freedom if you set your heart free. Love to you all.

We see you! We feel you! We love you all!