Heal yourself through love so that the world may heal

by Jeanette Peterson

Heal yourself through love so that the world may heal

You have the infinite power to heal yourself through love!

As Children, we understood this fully, yet as we became socially and culturally conditioned through life, we lost our connection to the healing power of love, held within each and every one of us.

If you don’t believe me, ask a child if hugging themselves makes them feel better when they are scared or sad.

Instead, we learned to create conditions around the very thing that will set us all free, love, that is! We have lost our connection to all things and all people through the slow and steady death of unconditional love.

We’ve made everything complicated. I mean that in the royal-we sense. The sense that people have made everything sound complicated for a multitude of reasons, including to chase money and to gain power and control over everything.

Don’t let your mind run away here, thinking oh my god, not another conspiracy theorist. That mere thought alone is proof of the conditioning you have willingly accepted in the slow and steady demise of giving away your power.

As a child, you intuitively knew love was powerful. However, your parents, their parents and theirs before, for literally thousands of years, in fact since the beginning of time, have done one over on your intuitive understanding that love is the answer. It’s not their fault. They simply did what you are doing right now. Parents learned to give their power away whilst mostly unknowingly teaching you to do the same. If you are a parent, you are doing it too, and it will continue until we all say, ‘No, not today!’.

Every experience, every opportunity in every moment, is a rebirth to begin again and to take back your power. The divinity that sits deep within us all is your source of power. It never leaves you. It is like your best friend, waiting for you to discover it hidden in plain sight, so close that you missed it all along. This divinity is not a god we go to church to worship. It is the god that has always existed within you. Not the external things we get addicted to including; food, alcohol, attention, the collection of things, and other people’s opinions.

Just the heaven on earth, every religious, philosophical, poetic and spiritual text is trying to teach you. Heaven on earth exists within us all, waiting to be freed into reality. We’ve been tricked into keeping it trapped behind all the stuff that weighs us down.

How has this happened you might say?

Fear! when Love is the only antidote you need.

Today, as you step forward in every moment and every situation ask yourself, what would love do here? Then respond from that place.

As a result of you choosing love, moment by moment, day by day, love will manifest into the world. The shackles of fear that have bound humanity will fall to the floor, and the peace on earth we’ve desired within, will manifest into the world for us all to enjoy.

It all begins with you! You are a powerful, loving, infinite human being, tricked into living in a finite world through fear.

You can choose love at any time!

I chose to build my life on the emotion of love, and my life changed forever. You too, can change your life by choosing love as your foundation. When fear leaves your every day, life becomes vastly different. You begin to see the best in everyday things instead of imagining the worst.

Imagine what the world would look like if we all chose love, instead of fear! Can you imagine what the world might be like to live in, if there was no hate, no wars and even no judgement? Just loving kindness and consideration between us all. An acceptance of our differences without the hate that has intentionally been driven into us all to divide us.

The hate existing in society is a masterful skill of divide and conquer, which is a huge money spinner in ways you may have never noticed. Love exists trapped beneath the smoke and mirrors of all the drama constantly unfolding. A drama, which appears to be escalating exponentially over the last few years.

War is a multi-trillion-dollar industry for a small group of people. Keeping us divided by religion and race, is indeed an extremely lucrative money market for those few.

Besides the death and destruction war causes for millions of men, women and children, there is one very big problem in society that appears to remain intentionally obscured from view. We have become addicted to the drama, like a constant dripping dopamine hit. We have become a society, that would seem to be completely engulfed by continual drama, of which we just can’t seem to get enough. The news, TV and social media are all full of drama, whether it is people fighting on reality TV shows, war propaganda or constant news stories of crimes being committed everywhere. Keeping most of us divided and trapped in the fear loop, on repeat.

The drama unfolding has been so normalised through hypernormalisation that the vast majority of us can’t even see it is happening. That is until you step away from it all, then things become clearer. It is a bit like how easy it is to see the mistakes other people are making in their relationships when it is not your own. Perspective is a powerful tool, that can be easily engaged, once we step away from the drama to look from another vantage point.

What if you put down your phone for just a while each day? How about if you limited and eventually considered removing all news, social media, people and things that create fear instead of love? Maybe this world could become your oyster, like it has for me. Hard to believe, right! think again.

This is exactly what I did about 15 years ago. Now, when I hear the news, watch TV or look at social media, I can see right through the drama and hypernormalisation. Why? Because I now have another reference point outside of the drama itself. It was one of the best things I could have done for my physical and mental well-being. Creating another reference point has given me an understanding of what is really at play in the world, like watching a movie now, instead of playing the lead role.

Are you addicted to the drama in your life? Are you worried your life might feel somehow boring if you stepped outside the drama?

These questions are part of the deliberate way society and the money-making machine is keeping you trapped. If you remove all the drama from your life you will begin to heal. You will begin to understand that you were attracted to all the drama because your life feels unfulfilled. When you allow yourself to fold back this layer, then you can begin to find the real things in life that will bring fulfilment, instead of the distractions of drama.

You have immense power within you, to not only discover what fulfils you but to also bring it to life from a place of love. First, you must get off the merry-go-round of fear, to make room in your life for all that is possible.

You deserve so much more than the distraction of drama. Life wants to give you so much more.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let the made up drama grip you any longer! You are a human being with infinite potential. Go out and get it!